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January 14, 2009



I was going to ask you to post pictures of the quilt colors; you must've read my mind. The different shades of blue are gorgeous. You've come a long way since that rainbow sheet set (the one I thought was sooooo cool!)

It's ironic that you don't feel like scrapping photos. Ever since you got your layouts published, I've been running into the local scrapbook store to buy the magazines ("is it here yet? Oh. How 'bout next week?") and have gotten so inspired that I did two layouts today for the first time in a YEAR. You inspired me to do something you don't even feel like doing!

It has been an ordeal, too, because first I had to reorganize my studio, which took over a month. Then I had to make the background paper. I cut watercolor paper into 12x12 sheets and painted it last night until midnight. Then first thing this morning before the kids started school, I put the photos on. Whew. Six weeks for two pages? At this rate I'll complete an album in 2012!

Cheri Pryor

I miss much that I'm in the middle of making a rag quilt. It's kind of cheating calling it a "quilt" in my opinion because there is no real quilting involved but I think it will be cute just the same.

And I'm a cheater mostly because I don't know HOW to quilt. It's on my bucket list.

Hope your holidays continued to be relaxed and low key!

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