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October 25, 2007



Don't you be getting any ideas. If your camera winds up stolen you only get a new one if it is somehow covered by some unknown theft insurance policy we secretly have and the for some odd reason the insurance company pays enough that you can upgrade to the 40D.

Also, you forgot my favorite part of your dream, were I hired maids without telling you to come clean the house. I still say there is a hidden message in there about your thoughts on my housekeeping skills.

Cheri Pryor who absorbs the ISO? Accenture?

Yeah. Nightmarish!

I hope your house doesn't get robbed by strangers....but if you *need* for *someone* to come in and, say, take *only* the camera (because maybe she could use an upgrade and your Rebel would be for her) I'm sure I could think of *someone*.

But if your homeowner's insurance doesn't cover it...would your auto insurance? Say, I don't know, that it was *left* in your car and got taken out of it?

This is all hypothetical, of course.... =P

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